Products for the Home and Garden

Products for the Home and Garden

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Truly "Fair" Priced

Infomercials, Home Shows, Flower Shows, Fairs, Sport Shows, Boat Shows, Automobile Shows, Livestock Shows and Rodeos are the normal showcase for these products. Millions of people attend these events each year and purchase everything from Ginsu Knives to the Ultimate Hose Nozzle. Here is your opportunity to get these fabulous products at the same discounted prices that you can receive at a State Fair or Home Show, without leaving your home.


A Familiar Experience

My Family has been demonstrating products at these events for over sixty years. My father, two brothers and two sisters have been working such events as the Texas State Fair, Fort Worth Livestock Show, and Northeastern Ohio-Western Pennsylvania fairs and home shows for just about sixty years now. For the last thirty five years now, my brothers and sister have been at Home Shows and Fairs and many other types of events all over the country. Many of you have yelled "IT SLICES! IT DICES!" as you walked past our booth. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.


Commercial Quality

Many of the products you will see on these pages may look like similar products you see in stores, but most of our products are of Commercial Quality and last much longer and work better than those you can purchase anywhere else.

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